The Ten Steps Of Reclaiming Silicon Wafers

The practice of reclaiming silicon wafers is as old as the hills. It has been around for over forty years already. So, it just goes to show that the practice of sustainable development is not entirely a new paradigm. Practical work to achieve cost savings and work efficiencies is still being carried out. In the case of reclaiming silicon wafers, the traditional silicon wafer manufacturer is following no less than ten steps.

They have the ability to turn over a few thousand newly reclaimed wafers to their worldwide customers in a single day. Their objective remains that of achieving cost containments and the centralizing of inventory controls on behalf of the customers. Clients’ monthly requirements can now be met through a computerized central management system. Technical support is also on tap in order to help customers with particular requirements.

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Receiving the goods would be the first step in wafer stripping and reclaiming work. The next step entails the first of several inspections. After that first inspection is completed, the technicians proceed to presorting work. After presorting work is completed, strip and etch work can commence. After that, a second inspection will commence. The sixth step in the reclaiming process involves polishing work.

The seventh step is a combination of cleaning, spinning, rinsing and drying of the reclaimed wafers. After that, yet another inspection, this time a visual one, will be carried out. And thereafter, two final inspections need to be carried out before the newly reclaimed silicon wafers are packaged and shipped to its worldwide customers. After used wafers have been received from customers, the incoming inspection will assess the condition of these wafers before any processing work commences. Presorting work needs to be done to remove film from the wafers.